Dictionary meaning of Rotary Dial Phone

Rotary Dial Phone


Rotary Dial Phone Dictionary Meaning

A retro-phone that uses a rotary dial and pulse dialing technology

Rotary Dial Phone Pronunciation

row·tr·ee dial fown

How Rotary Dial Phone Originated

Phone means "Sound" in Greek

Rotary Dial Phone Usage In A Sentence

Please use my phone and call the plumber


Who invented the telephone


Rotary Dial Phone Synonyms
  • Telephone
  • Cell Phone
  • Mobile Phone
Rotary Dial Phone Rhyming Words
  • known
  • throne
  • clone
  • prone
  • grown


Did You Know

The first words spoken on a telephone were "Mr Watson, come here. I want to see you". It was the inventor (Alexander Graham Bell) calling his assistant (Watson) over the phone and when he arrived, the inventor jumped with joy that his gadget was working. The date was March 10, 1876 and the place was his laboratory in Boston.


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